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We recommend following the specific care instructions printed on the garment label. Here are some general tips that will work with most items to not only keep them looking new, but also cut back on water and energy. Win, win.

Wash in cold water
It helps avoid shrinkage and color loss while cutting down the washing machine's energy use by up to 90%.

Dry by laying flat or hanging
This conserves energy and extends the life of your clothes by half, as it minimizes heat and friction.

Use a steamer rather than an iron
Steaming gently treats fabric, preserving its natural texture and appearance.

Avoid fabric softeners
These solutions, typically not eco-friendly, leave a thin, water-repellent layer on clothes, which can make removing stains and odors harder

Reverse clothes or use a mesh laundry bag to safeguard delicate materials, adornments, and buttons.
This helps prevent damage from buttons, zippers, and snaps during washing.

Treat stains before washing to reduce the need for multiple cycles.
Addressing stains beforehand helps eliminate them in one wash, conserving water.

Add a microfiber filter to your washing machine to lessen fiber shedding.
It captures loose fibers, preventing them from entering the water system.

Choose a green dry cleaning service for 'dry clean only' garments.
This approach reduces the use of non-biodegradable dry cleaning solvents.